Well, I understand how tricky the situation is. When the high command is the one who doesn’t let you sleep, there is very little you can do. I know a lot of couples where this is the main point of loss of domestic peace because the wife wouldn’t admit that she snores.

Do you think snoring is ruining my relationship? Yes it does and here are a few things you can do subtly to stop her and yet maintain peace at home:

Raise the head of the bed: If the bed is a flexible one, raise the head of the bed. If not, use pillows to raise the head of the bed. When the head is at a higher elevation from the rest of the body, the tongue doesn’t fall back blocking the air passage to the body. This should lessen the snoring.

Make her sleep sideways: There’s no problem that can’t be solved with love. Pull her in your arms and make her sleep sideways. When she sleeps sideways, the tissue at the back of the tongue will not be able to block the nasal passageway which is the main cause.

Clean the air filters: Allergens and pollen cause irritation in the throat resulting in snoring. And the air conditioner filter is the main culprit for storing dust and allergens. Clean the air conditioner filter regularly. If you use a fan, clean the fan blades regularly. This is a win-win for you. Your cleaning spree will make your wife happy while the cleaning will help you sleep in peace.

Start an exercise regime: If she is on a chubbier side, start an exercise and diet regime. Fat, especially around the neck, is a major cause of snoring. Compliment her for her weight loss to give her enthusiasm for pushing herself more. With those extra pounds gone, you will see results instantly.

Check for nasal congestion: Nasal congestion, especially sinusitis is another main reason for snoring. Take her to a doctor and get her checked for it. While you are unable to sleep because of her snoring, she is a bigger sufferer. She is unable to get a fair share of oxygen due to which I’m sure, her daily routine is getting affected.

Limit alcohol and smoking: Is she in the habit of consuming alcohol before sleeping? Limit it. Alcohol relaxes the muscles of the body, causing the tongue to relax further. This could aggravate the snoring. If she is a smoker, find a way to control that too. Smoking causes blockage of the nasal passage and increases the chances of snoring.

I hope the above helps. If it doesn’t, take her to a doctor and check for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder which can lead to serious diseases like heart failure, stroke, diabetes, etc.  She may also use natural stop snoring drops that will help her stop snoring immediately.