Are you unable to sleep because of your partner’s snoring, or maybe is you who are snoring? Well, it’s not an unusual situation. Almost 40% of adults worldwide snore these days. It is a lifestyle disease and there are a few solutions that will answer the question of how to stop snoring instantly.

Lose weight: Excess weight is one of the main causes of snoring. Due to excess fat, the tissue behind the tongue falls back leading to snoring. Therefore, start an exercise and diet regime to ensure that your partner loses those extra pounds. A few pounds lesser, you will be a happier to be with your partner as well. Trust me.

Change The sleeping position: Did you know that the sleeping position is one of the main causes of snoring. When someone lies on the back, chances are they will snore more. Practice sleeping on one side, that will help prevent the tongue from falling back.

Use pillows to ensure that your partner doesn’t roll over on your back. You can also try to raise the head of the bed if it is a flexible bed or use pillows to raise the elevation of the head. When the head is at an higher elevation from the body, the tissue will not fall back and thus your partner will not snore.

Avoid smoking and alcohol: Alcohol relaxes the muscle of the body, leading to an increased snoring. Avoid alcohol, especially before going to sleep. Smoking, on the other hand blocks the breathing channel causing increased snoring.

Keep the house clean: While your partner has a lot of things to do to avoid snoring, you can help too. Allergens and pollen are one of the prime reasons which cause irritation of throat leading to snoring. Keep the bedroom clean. Change the pillow covers often. Clean the air conditioner filter regularly. This will help a lot.

Work on the sleep hygiene: Practicing a good sleep hygiene can help prevent snoring also. Working for long hours or watching television for long hours right before going to sleep can cause excessive snoring. Instead, relax for half an hour before retiring to the bed permanently. That will help in getting a good night’s sleep as well.

Keep the bedroom humid: Snoring is often caused by dryness. Use a humidifier to keep the room humid at all times. If you do not want to invest in a humidifier, take a bath before going to sleep. That will keep your skin moist and do the job.

Check for nasal blockage: Nasal congestion is a major cause of snoring, especially sinusitis. Take your partner to a doctor today and check for nasal blockage. In case there is a blockage, get help. Once the blockage problem is solved, the snoring problem will automatically be solved.

To stop snoring immediately and permanently you may also use a mouthpiece or essential oils, read now sleep anti snoring mouthpiece reviews and devices.

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