Snoring is a lifestyle disease which is affecting about 40% of the adult population today. While it mostly generates out of stress, it can have long-lasting effects on the body. When the body does not receive enough oxygen, most of the organs work at a reduced level especially the brain. This affects our day to day lives and can take a toll on relationships, work efficiency and health.

Speaking of herbal remedies for snoring, the best herbal remedy is essential oils. Essential oils have long proved their mettle for helping in living a healthy lifestyle, and so in the case of snoring.

So, what are the best essential oils for snoring? There are basically four of them which are the best – Eucalyptus essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Peppermint oil and Scots Pine leaf oil are the best to stop snoring. Let me tell you the benefit of each separately.

Eucalyptus essential oil or Eucalyptus Globus is one of the most popular essential oil. Eucalyptus is a tree with many benefits. Eucalyptus oil is a natural decongestant which clears the nasal passageway almost as soon as it is smelt. It is used as a common cure for cold. The best way to use eucalyptus oil is to put it in a steamer and inhale the steam. It clears mucus and helps in breathing almost instantly.

Lavendula Angustifolia or Lavender oil is often used for treating insomnia. It loosens mucus and clears chest congestion. It also has anti-bacterial properties which helps in curing infections.

Mentha Piperita or Peppermint essential oil works excellently in opening and clearing nasal passageway. It unclogs the sinus passage helping someone to breathe. It is also used as a natural treatment for pain and a muscle relaxant.

Scots Pine leaf oil, scientifically known as Pinus Sylvestris. It loosens and clears mucus and phlegm in the respiratory system, thus helping in smooth breathing. It also provides relief from pain and soothes a sore throat.

Article source:  Best essential oils for snoring

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